An Overview of Linyi


A Bird’s Eye View of Linyi

Linyi is located southeast of Shandong Province, bordered by Jiangsu Province to the south, and the Yellow Sea to the east. It has 9 counties, 3 districts and 3 economic development zones with a total population of 10,810,000 and a total area of 17,200 square kilometers. Both its population and area rank the first in Shandong Province.?

The Night?View of the City

Recently, Linyi has won many honorary titles such as “National Civilized City”, “A National Double-Support Exemplary City”, “China Tourist City”, “National Garden City”, “National Exemplary City for Environmental Protection”, “National Sanitation City” and “National Forest City”. It is also named as “China Calligraphy City”, “China Geothermal City”, “China Market Town” and “China Capital City of Logistics”. What’s more, it was awarded one of the “60 model cities in urban development of China” by National Bureau of Statistics on the 60th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China in 2009 and ranked second among 294 cities in urban people’s happiness index released by a survey conducted by Chinese Academy of Science in 2011.


Sun Tzu’s Art of War

Cultural City

Tracing back to 2500 years ago, Linyi City was first built during the Spring and Autumn Period, named Qiyang at that time. In Qin Dynasty, it came into the domain of Langya County. The Emperor of Han Dynasty made it Linyi County for the first time. Qing Dynasty witnessed the foundation of Yizhou Prefecture. Endowed with a long history and rich culture, Linyi has bred many outstanding cultural celebrities at all times.


East China Memorial Park for Revolutionary Martyrs

Revolutionary Base

Several revolutionary bases were established here by the Chinese Communist Party during the Anti-Japanese War. In August, 1940, Linyi witnessed the foundation of the first provincial government led by the CCP. Over 200,000 Yimeng people joined the army, more than half of whom had sacrificed their precious lives in the war.


Rich Geological Resources



A Rich Variety of Subsidiary Agricultural Products in Linyi

Resourceful City

Subsidiary agricultural products in Linyi are known for their wide varieties, high yield, and good quality. Specialty products like peanut, tobacco, silkworm, wicker, ginkgo, honeysuckle, Chinese chestnut, and tea are grown in eight major agricultural bases. Vegetable and fruit industries are also predominant. Linyi is also abundant in mineral resources. A total of 78 kinds of minerals with huge proven reserves have so far been discovered.


?Ju’nan(a county of Linyi)?Heavenly Buddha

Tourist Resort

There are many famous tourist attractions in Linyi, among which Mengshan Mountain is hailed as “a natural oxygen bar” or “Mount of Longevity”. The 3800-meter-long Ju’nan Heavenly Buddha is considered one of the world wonders. The 6100-meter-long Yishui Natural Underground Gallery is accredited as the best place for underground drift in China. The Yihe River Rubber Dam in Budong has been listed in the Guinness World Record. Besides, other tourist spots also enjoy high prestige both in Shandong and around the country, such as Yinqueshan Museum of Bamboo Slips of Han Dynasty, Former Residence of Wang Xizhi, Former Site of Shandong Provincial Government/Manor of Zhuang Family, Memorial Museum for the Menglianggu Campaign, Tianyu Natural Museum in Pingyi County etc..

Linyi International Conference & Exhibition Center

Market Town

There are 101 various wholesale markets covering diversified goods of more than 60,000 kinds and 27 categories including petty commodities, hardwares, building materials, plates etc. Nearly everything from production materials to living necessities can be found here. It has become a trade center for people from more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. The commodities are sold to more than 20 countries and regions, with a total annual turnover of RMB 150 billion yuan in 2013.


Bashan Reservoir

Water City

Yihe River and Shuhe River flow through the Linyi city, covering 77% of the total area. Yihe River provides water sources of the best quality among the Huaihe River region. Yihe River Scenic Area has been one of the first 18 water conservancy scenic areas in China. The 7 rubber dams and 8 regulating sluices built in the city help to form a body of water as large as 48 square kilometers and to store water of 162 million m3.

Linyi, a traffic hub city

Traffic Hub

Yanzhou-Shijiu railway and Jiaozhou-Xinyi railway run through Linyi. Four expressways crisscross here and they are the expressways of Beijing-Shanghai, Rizhao-Heze, Qingdao-Lanzhou and Changchun-Shenzhen. The total expressway mileage and highway mileage amount to 330 kilometers and 20,000 kilometers respectively, ranking among the highest in Shandong Province. The city is about 120 kilometers away from the ports of Lanshan, Rizhao and Lianyungang, and about 150 kilometers from the port of Qingdao. Currently, Linyi Airport, second-class in China, has open up 16 airlines.


City Flower of Linyi: Chaenomeles Speciosa


City Tree of Linyi: Ginkgo



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